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We are all about holistic healing. Although our focus with this website is to promote using herbs instead of modern medicine where possible, we also know the importance of holistic healing for healing the mind, body and spirit. This is why we added other categories, like essential oils and also esoteric and spiritual items to allow the shopper to find all his needs in one place.

We also sell authentic traditional muthi. We would love to welcome you to visit our store, but kindly request that you contact us first.

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Below is a list of common illness requests we get to do our best to assist you. When we mention a few options, you can either combine them or choose one that you feel will be best for you. You might have different ailments and one of the options can cover a few of them.

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ConditionsSuggested Medicinal Herbs
AcneRed Clover, Dandelion, Lemon Verbena
Adrenal GlandsLiquorice Root
Alzheimer’s DiseaseSage, Ginkgo Leaves, Rosemary
AnemiaNettle Leaf
AnxietyLavender, St, John’s Wort, Chamomile,
Passion Flower, Catnip, Cancerbush
Anti-fungalMarigold Flower
ArthritisNettle leave (Stinging Nettle), Chamomile, Oat Straw
AsthmaWild Dagga, Passion Flower, Catnip herb, Lemon Verbena, Cancerbush
Bladder InfectionAfrican Potato
Blood CleanserDandelion Root, Cancerbush, Red Clover, Marigold Flower
Blood PressureHawthorn Leaves (normalise blood pressure so for low and   high), Cramp Bark, Hyssop
Blood SugarDandelion, Fenugreek
Bones (strong)Oat Straw
Brain HealthGinkgo Leaves, Green Tea
Breast CancerCancerbush
BronchitisCatnip Herb, Cancerbush
Cancer BreastBlack Cohosh, Rosemary, Cancerbush
Cancer OvarianBlack Cohosh, Rosemary
Chest ProblemsRed Clover Flower, Elderflower, Thyme
ChillsLemon Verbena
CystitisFlaxseed (1 Tbsp) Or 2 tsp Chamomile and 1tsp
  Honey as a tea, Black Cohosh, Slippery Elm, African Potato, Buchu
Cold, flu and FeverElderflower, Yarrow, Lemon Verbena
ColicChamomile, Lemon Verbena
CholesterolGinseng Root, Green Tea, Fenugreek
ConstipationFlaxseed, Elder Leaves, Lemon Verbena, Mullein
DepressionSage, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng Root, Oat Straw
DetoxStinging Nettle
DiabetesGinseng Root, Aloe Ground, Wild Yam, Cancerbush
DiarrheaSage, Chamomile, Mugwort, Catnip Herb, Lemon Verbena, Cancerbush
DysenterySausage Tree, Cancerbush
Ear acheMullein, African Wormwood
EczemaRed Clover, Stinging Nettle
Energy BoosterMugwort, Oat Straw, Ginseng Root
Eye infectionEye bright (Various eye problems), Witch Hazel
FertilityMothers Wort
FeverWild Dagga, Feverfew, Catnip (with Bronchitis), Lemon Verbena, Pennywort
Fluid retentionDandelion, Stinging Nettle
Gall stonesDandelion
GallbladderSt. John’s Wort
GasHyssop, Lemon Verbena
GoutDandelion, Stinging Nettle
Hair GrowthRosemary, Fenugreek
Hay FeverStinging Nettle
HeadacheLavender, Wild Dagga, Feverfew, Peppermint, Catnip
HeartburnSage, Slippery Elm, Cancerbush
HealthAfrican Potato
Heart TonicMother’s Wort, Wild Dagga,   Hawthorn (not if existing heart condition)
HaemorrhoidsLemon Verbena, Witch Hazel`, Cancerbush
High Blood PressurePassion Flower
HIVAfrican Potato, Cancerbush
Hormone BalanceStinging Nettle (can lower blood pressure), Wild Yam
HyperactivityHops, Chamomile (Children)
Irregular Heart BeatGinkgo Leaves
Immune SystemCancerbush, African Potato (improve immune system)
InfirtilityStinging Nettle, Motherswort
InflammationCancerbush, Marigold Flower, Wild Yam
Insect BitesWitch Hazel
Irritable Bowel SyndromeCramp Bark
Joint PainLemon Verbena
Kidney IllnessDandelion, Cancerbush
Kidney StonesPennywort
LaxativeAloe Ground, FlaxSeed, Mullein
Liver IllnessDandelion, Rosemary, St. John’s Wort, Cancerbush
Lung FunctionGinseng, African Potato
MaleriaWild dagga, Wormwood, Mugwort, African Wormwood
Memory LossSage
Menopausal SymptomsSage, Wild YamCancerbush, Red Clover, Stinging Nettle
Mental AlertnessGinseng Root
Mental EnergyGinkgo Leaves
Menstrual Blood FlowFeverfew (stimulate menstrual blood flow)
Menstrual PainChamomile, Feverfew
MetabolismAshwaganda Root 
MigraineLavender, Feverfew
Milk ProductionFenugreek (stimulates milk production)
Mouth UlcersSage Leaves
Mouth WashSage Leaves, Peppermint
Multiple SclerosisOat Straw
MusclesPeppermint, Feverfew, Wild Yam
Nasal CongestionHyssop
Nervious SystemLavender
NervousnessCatnip Herb
Leg CrampsCramp Bark
OsteoporosisBlack Cohosh, Oat Straw
Ovarian CystsDandelion Root, Milk Thistle, Liquorice, Stinging Nettle (careful), Flaxseed, Spearmint
Overall HealthGinseng Root
Pancreatic CancerCancerbush
ParkinsonsGinkgo Leaves
Peptic UlcersCancerbush
Period PainMothers Wort
PMSWild Yam
Prostate Cancer and problemsStinging Nettle, African Wild Potato (magic muthi)
PsoraisisRed Clover
PTSDValerian Root
Rheumatoid ArthritisCancerbush, Stinging Nettle (Nettle leaf)
Restless LeggsCramp Bark
ShinglesPassion Flower
Sleep MedicineHops, Passion flower, Lavender , Valerian RootOat Straw
Sore ThroatSage Leaves, Catnip Herb
Stomach problemsChamomile, Sage
StressGinseng Root, Cancerbush
StrokeGinkgo Leaves, Green Tea, Ginseng Root
Thyroid deficiencyOat Straw
Tuberculosis (TB)Mullein, Cancerbush
Tonic for bodyStinging Nettle
ToothacheHops, St John’s Wort
Tooth DecayGreen Tea
UlcersHops, St John’s Wort
Urinary Tract InfectionDandelion Leaf, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, African Potato, Buchu
Uric Acid LevelsOat Straw
Vaginal DrynessWild Yam
Varicose VeinsLemon Verbena, Horse Chestnut, Witch Hazel, Cancerbush
VertigoGinkgo Leaves
Water retensionDandelion
Worm InfestationsWormwood, African Wormwood
Wound HealerSt John’s Wort, Marigold Flower
Weight LossDandelion Leaves, Green tea, Ginseng Root
Conditions and their Suggested Medicinal Herbs