Herbs as medicine

Did you know that most medicines were derived from plants?

A good example is aspirin, which was made from willow tree bark. Modern medicines are mostly synthetic, made in laboratories. Synthetic medicines often cause side effects, which could be more severe than the original disease. Yet our modern society has been conditioned to believe that synthetic medicines (pills, etc.) are the only cures for our illnesses. Most modern chronic diseases were virtually non-existent before society adopted our modern lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits. It is time to return to whole-food diets, and natural, herbal remedies for holistic health.

We are concerned about our foods not containing chemicals, but health starts with us. If we do not wish to eat food full of chemicals, why are we using chemicals in medicine when we don’t need to. We should only turn to modern medicine if the herbal solutions are not working for us. This way we are keeping our body clean from chemicals wherever we can.