Herbs as medicine

Did you know that most medicines were derived from plants?

A good example is aspirin, which was made from willow tree bark. Modern medicines are mostly synthetic, made in laboratories. Synthetic medicines often cause side effects, which could be more severe than the original disease. Yet our modern society has been conditioned to believe that synthetic medicines (pills, etc.) are the only cures for our illnesses. Most modern chronic diseases were virtually non-existent before society adopted our modern lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits. It is time to return to whole-food diets, and natural, herbal remedies for holistic health.

We are concerned about our foods not containing chemicals, but health starts with us. If we do not wish to eat food full of chemicals, why are we using chemicals in medicine when we don’t need to. We should only turn to modern medicine if the herbal solutions are not working for us. This way we are keeping our body clean from chemicals wherever we can.

10 thoughts on “Herbs as medicine”

  1. What exactly can be used to heal Cancer.? Because I have lost so many family members due to cancer.

    1. Hi, there are some natural remedies you can use to reduce the change of getting cancer. There are differnt types of cancer. The easiest thing to use is Thyme. You can drink it as a tea. When we eat Thyme in our food we do not get enough of it in. You are welcome to contact me to discuss. You can also search the internet for suggestions. They problem is people don’t want to make claims against cancer. Some mushroom types like Shitake is also great. Read about studies done on herbal remedies for cancer.

  2. Greetings
    What is the natural remedy for:
    1. Acid reflux
    2. Asthma
    3. BP
    4. Heart problem
    5. Ulcers
    6. Joint pains

    1. Hi there Amanda as requested the natural remedies are as follows:

      1. Acid re-flux – Marshmallow herb, Licorice, Chamomile
      2. Asthma – Wild Dagga, Passion Flower, Catnip herb and Lemon verbena
      3. BP – Passion flower (High BP), Harthorne Leaves (for both low and high)
      4. Heart problem – Heart tonic – Mothers Wort (Strengthens without straining)
      5. Ulcers – Hops, St Johns Wort
      6. Joint pains – Lemon verbena

      Please note that on our about page we have a list of conditions matched with their natural remedies.

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call.

  3. I believe in herbal medication.
    What can i take for tinnitis (ringing in the ear)
    Is moringa good for Rhematoid arthritis.

    1. Dear Rebecca. Ginkgo has been said to help for tinnitis. Moringa has been use for arthritis. We do also make and sell a homemade oil from natural products that you can apply for your arthtitis.

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