African Potato (Hypoxis rooperi/hemerocallidea) / Ikomfe



African Potato (Hypoxis rooperi/hemerocallidea) / Ikomfe has a wide range of uses:

Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti diabetic, Anti convulsant, Anti-cancer, immune booster, liver detox and anti-candida. Acts as tonic and has been used for prostate problems. Traditional use also include testicular tumours, prostate hypertrophy and urinary infections.

Traditional healers have used it as a muthi to treat delirium, ‘bad blood’ (in diabetes), PMS, dizziness, bladder disorders and as a parasiticide and for insanity.

Conventional uses include application of a deep penetrating ointment to treat symptoms associated with arthritis, psoriasis and fibromyalgia.

Other names: Inkomfe (Zulu)

Used in Izifozonke

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